Why Shop

I am sure... You Really Trust your Big-Name Insurance Company and Love the Service you have been receiving for years SO Why shop? Because, without your knowledge the State of Pennsylvania and the Insurance Carriers cut a deal to offer new customers LOWER RATES but only if they left the LONG-TERM CLIENTS rates alone

Since the insurance companies are hungry for new business and they know most of us are too comfortable and frightened to leave they now offer new customers with good credit and driving history GREAT RATES saving them as much as 50%. So, if your household has good drivers and pay your bills on time, WE CAN MOST CERTAINLY SAVE YOU and/or YOUR PARENTS a bundle. Nationwide clients in Shamokin and Mt Carmel are seriously overpaying plus now have no local service

At M&L We're an Independent Insurance Agency, we are not employees of an insurance company... WE WORK FOR YOU and can shop MULTIPLE COMPANIES SEAMLESSLY because of our affiliation with the Keystone buyers Group

We have also found that way too many people in the Coal Region HAVE THE WRONG COVERAGES for their needs. Let us help you review your coverages to make sure your family is protected. We can and will be able to locally service your accounts with speed and accuracy BUT we can also educate and guide you in choosing the right coverages to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY in case that Big Accident does seriously injury a member of your family

Too many TV Ads want to price your coverages in 15 minutes SURE WE CAN DO THAT but reviewing the coverages and asking the right questions tailoring the coverage for your needs will take longer. 

We will take the time to explain why you'll need certain coverage in this depressed area so you can recover from your own policies because the law isn't going to go after the people in the area have nothing to take or everything is in joint name even if the jury awards it you'll never see it. 

Attorneys cannot get blood out of a stone and most of the ads you see on TV the Attorneys are recovering from Big Trucking companies, that's not the majority of the claims we see

CALL US at 570 644-0371 to see if your agent has left you hanging. You should not go another day without reviewing your coverages.